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Sanya Yoga Hub

An invitation to step out of the chaotic external world for a few moments and find some peace within.

An invitation to explore your breath & your body by moving & also by becoming still.

An invitation to relax your mind & nourish your soul.


Drop in class – Eur12

10 Classes – Eur100 (3 months expiry)

1 Month Unlimited Yoga for first time students – Eur80

1 Month Spa & Yoga (4 yoga classes) – Eur90

1 Month Spa & Yoga (8 yoga classes) – Eur125

1 Week Spa & Yoga (2 yoga classes) – Eur55

Yoga Instructors


I started practicing yoga in Thailand in 2012 during which I attended a Thai Oil Massage course. In 2013 I deepened my practise of Hatha yoga in Rishikesh, India. While being there I waslucky enough to attend daily satsangs by Prem Baba and ShantiMayi. This is really where I really decided to be on team consciousness. I discovered so many new things about myself at this vital time. Conscious breathing and being conscious with your words among others. Here I was introduced to so many new ingredients to put into my practice. I choose to always be a student of what I love. All of it. I have a lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice. It can be a struggle at times but my Yoga is the underlying force keeping all of the pieces together. Yoga reminds me that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance, breathe with awareness. If the journey really is the reward, then I choose to enJOY the journey. I hope you will join me. ... Read More Close


Hello! I’m Aline – Fit Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance Certified) Coming from a Dance background, I always had a passion for movement, connection and awareness to what’s happening within and around me. I started my Yoga journey as I needed a different kind of workout. Something that would exercise my mind, ease my thoughts to help my body. What I discovered went way beyond my expectations, beyond my mental and physical. Through a regular practice, Yoga makes me explore many aspects of my Self and helps me getting closer to it. As I am becoming more mindful and tuned to the adventure of life, I’m willing to share my knowledge with generosity and kindness to anyone willing to try! The Yoga I teach is a full body – mind –  spirit experience that will make you sweat with fun and also be more mindful of your body. This is a dynamic mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Fitness & Pilates elements.
Fit Yoga will make you leave Sanya deeply relaxed and ready for your next chapter.
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I fell in love with yoga in 2009 when I first began to practice and immediately felt its transformative power. I started with devotional practices and studies on the philosophy of yoga with astronger emphasis on meditation rather than asana (posture) practice, although my interest in asana grew over the years. I then took a keen interest in nada yoga (the yoga of sound) and incorporated the use of sacred sound into my meditation and devotional practices. I did my yoga teacher training with the intention to fuse asana practice with sound and meditation and to share the heart of this practice with others. In my classes you will find gentle flows, pranayama and sound meditations that work to give each person their own direct experience of spirituality. ... Read More Close


I always yearned for something deeper in my life and I never felt I received that until I discovered the practice of Meditation. A technique I found at Sanya which is truly powerful and have been practicing ever since. The more connected I got to my meditation practice the more I understood the meaning of Yoga. Not just in the asana form but also in our daily lives. To be more conscious with everything that crosses our path. To bring peace to our body and mind and to others. Trained in house, my classes are for anyone who would like to take a step back from their daily lives and find time to go within. Whether you are a beginner or you would like to experience a gentle Hatha flow, I look forward to meeting you. ... Read More Close


I took one of my first yoga classes in around 2006 in Sydney, Australia where I was born and raised. A close friend of mine had begun taking classes and convinced meto give it a try. Little did I know that it would eventually enrich my life and become a part of my daily routine.It wasn’t until I was around 21 in 2007 that I took classes a bit more regularly, trying out different classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Hot Yoga and even Aerial. I became intrigued at the diversity of styles and felt the benefits from all of them. Since I started working at Sanya when it first opened its doors in October 2016 I was surrounded by such spiritual energy that I couldn’t help but delve more into the spiritual aspects of yoga and understanding the yogi way of life. I have been blessed to work closely with the founder of Sanya and yoga and meditation expert Yasmin De Giorgio. Attending her mediation classes and workshops and being trained in house privately with her, I have been able to dive deeper within and share the magic of yoga with others. In my classes you will experience both gentle and dynamic flows along with breathwork to make you feel a sense of connection with yourself. ... Read More Close


Coming from a Professional Dance background, I have always had a passion and need for movement, expression and release. Whilst I was working in London, I found home at an amazing Baptistestyle Power Yoga studio. I was instantly in love and dove right in, attending any class I could find time for. As my interest and passion increased, I began attending more and more workshops and eventually completed my RYS200 HR Teacher Training in 2013. I was completely transformed. I delved deep into the world of meditation, the Yogic ways and the self-transformative qualities of the practice. After teaching in London for 3 years, I embarked on a 14 Month Travel trip with my partner through India, Sri Lanka, SE Asia and Oz where Yoga, meditation and learning more was a must! My Yoga journey has continued to evolve since moving back home after 11 years in February 2017. My classes are deeply focused on breath, flow and alignment. Building a strong flow in harmony with your breath and unlocking the realms of mental and physical possibility is something I hope to inspire in people everywhere! ... Read More Close


My yoga journey began in 2012, when I visited a yoga community in New Zealand.There my planned 2-week stay extended into 6 months, mostly because I fell in love with the diverse daily yogaclasses that were offered there. Since then I have been exploring different aspects of yoga and finding ways to bring yoga from my mat into daily life. I did a 300 h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Slovenia and started teaching karma yoga at a humanitarian centre. It was the long held desire to create a holistic approach, interest in different yoga styles, nutrition and awareness about how much the menstrual cycle is affecting women that eventually lead me to create Wild Woman Yoga. The main aim of this practice is to explore, embody and embrace different aspects of femininity with the tools of yoga. The practice changes in intensity and style as we align it to the energetic aspects of the current lunar cycle. I believe that with tuning in the rhythms of nature we are also getting a better understanding of our own cyclical nature. As a yoga teacher and integrative nutrition health coach my intention is to guide women back to their inner source of wisdom, so they can create a supportive and loving relationship with themselves. I am leading monthly women’s circles, where I share my passion for transformative rituals and nurturing the need for women coming together in a supportive and sacred place. ... Read More Close

Tiziana Baltej Kaur

I fell in love with yoga in 2011. During my first lesson I immediately felt a connection between myself and infinity and from that day onwards I study and practice this discipline everyday. Withthe awareness of the power that this ancient science has for individual transformation, I attended a course in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training as taught by Yogi Bhajan achieving the international certificate “IKYTA-KRI” Level 1 and 2 with the purpose of sharing this sacred instruments with whoever wants to follow this path. Since 2012 I organize Yoga events with international Teachers. In 2015 I organized the first Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Sicily. I have organized and taught in workshops in several parts of Italy. For three years I also took part in the organization of the Yoga event “Women’s Camp”. I’m enthusiastic about Tantric Numerology and Crystal therapy with which I make personalized Mala based on one’s date of birth according to the Kundalini Yoga tradition. I have been a Shiatsu and Sat Nam Rasayan (ancient healing art) therapist for 5 years. I’m also a pilates-yoga teacher. Sat Nam ... Read More Close


I first discovered yoga and meditation whilst travelling in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Since then I started redirecting my lifestyle to become more in alignment with the yoga values which I instantlyconnected to. My practice started to deepen when I met my teacher and his yoga and meditation centre in Bali. In my first visit I did my teacher training and completed a two week sadhana (intensive practice). Since then I have committed to my practice and visit Bali every year to retreat and go deeper into my practice. I teach a traditional hatha style of yoga with a very big focus on yoga as a tool to enter the state of meditation. Yoga posture is the tool, meditation is the path. ... Read More Close


My yoga journey took off in 2013 when I started suffering from unbearable sciatica pain. I tried different types of treatment but nothing seemed to serve as a permanent fix. One day I decided to give yoga a try. After my first class I remember so clearly that I left with so many unexpected feelings. I felt relieved, my body felt in place and more aligned as though i felt taller after a 1.5hr session. There and then I knew that there was something special about this practice and I never looked back. The love for yoga grew as the years passed by. Whilst I was volunteering and travelling in India, I acquired my RYS 200HR Yoga Teacher Training certification in Dharamkot specialising in Ashtanga. The intensive practice under the direct instruction of Vijay has taught me so many lessons on and off the mat. I hope that through the sessions I will be able to share with you all that I have learnt from incredible India. As an instructor I believe that primarily we are here to guide participants allowing to discover the inner-self, grow as an individual, and better their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Namaste 🙂 <3 ... Read More Close


Yaz has been practicing yoga since 2011, she then took her first teacher training for adults in the beginning of 2016 and followed that with a kids teacher training at the end of 2016.Since then she formed her company YogiBeans and has been teaching both adults and kids. Yazmine’s passion for sharing yoga sprouts from her own inner practice and shares her classes around any life experiences and challenges she goes through. Her wish is to pass on the tools and magic that yoga holds so that everyone can help get through the fast pace lifestyle we are surrounded by and also to help get through the more difficult challenges we face in life. Her kid classes are a little different to how she would teach adults, as she brings in many props, activities and mindful games to help children ease into there practice. Even though classes are different for different ages, she still passes on the same message and wishes to create a flow of connection, peace and love to the self and others. ... Read More Close

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