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Relationships can be the greatest source of joy – and a big source of challenges as well. We can learn a lot from them, we can grow in them or we can be held back by them.

We often start making assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling, we get triggered by certain interactions and then take them out of context, or we project our own issues onto our family and friends.

Constellations give you a way to take a peek behind the scenes. They help you find out more about how the dynamics in your relationships affect you and your life and how to take first steps towards improving them.

Constellations are a powerful way to explore the dynamics of any kind of relationship, whether it is between people, organs in the body, energies, etc. Anything that is alive and in relationship can be explored.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for you if you are ready to look within and free yourself from subconscious dynamics that are affecting your life. Especially if;

  • you have been going through a particularly stressful period,
  • are feeling overwhelmed  or stuck in certain emotions
  • are being challenged within a relationship
  • just feel a deep urge to get to know yourself better.

What happens at the workshop?

After some grounding and opening exercises, three to maximum five participants will get a chance to put up their constellation. The person putting up the respective constellation chooses a representative for each of the people/energies/entities that play a role in the relationship and a representative for themselves as well. This allows them to see the whole thing unfold from a third person’s perspective, which gives insights in itself.

The person putting up the constellation doesn’t talk about the situation at all, they don’t tell us the story. They just choose the role players and give them a starting position. This ensures that the mind of the role players doesn’t get involved, they have to tap into their intuition because they don’t intellectually know anything about the relationship.

Then we do three rounds:
1) Feeling into the situation as it is now
2) What is the potential breaking point?
3) What is the best solution for each individual?

This naturally creates the best solution for the greater good. If we manage to see past “what I want” and work towards fulfilling my needs instead, we can find a harmonious solution that works for everyone. Since it’s not the role players personal story and they are emotionally quite detached, it is easier for the role player to really act on the needs of the role, rather than the wants and perceived

Finally, when the solution is found, the person whose constellation it is steps into their role and feels into this solution that works for each individual and for the greater good.

What do you get out of it?

It’s a very powerful experience, whether you are actually putting up your own constellation or just playing a role or observing, since the themes that run through our relationships are pretty universal: fear of rejection, of not being enough, of abandonment, etc, the need for safety, for connection, for belonging, being heard/seen/etc.

Participants come away with a deeper understanding of what is going on in their relationships and a deeper appreciation for the other people that are involved and their challenges, fears and needs.

We experience deep, gentle learning, joyful compassion and great release.  The great thing is that we always learn – whether we’re observing, participating in or putting up our own constellation.

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About the workshop host Carolin Zeitler

Carolin’s work is first and foremost about true human connection, which she defines as being at peace with ourselves and the world around us. Carolin is an Expressive Movement Coach, a Dance Therapist and a writer. She currently lives on Gozo with her 2 dogs. She is constantly in the process of re-inventing herself, as she believes that life is a work in progress. While studying dance therapy, she discovered her passion for business and coaching. She was then involved in developing one of the first vocational coach trainings in Germany, while also lecturing at the dance therapy institute CITA Munich. Later she moved around the globe, gave workshops, coached and mentored, empowered women in the Middle East and started writing. She loves the variety in her work as well as the fact that it all leads to the same end goal of enabling
true human connection and flow in many different ways: building confidence, unearthing passion, leveraging strengths and inspiring expression. Carolin has led hundreds of constellations in her life, yet never tires of seeing them work their magic.