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1.Vincent’s Eco Farm

Vincent's Eco FarmVincent’s organic Farm is nestled in the quaint fields of Mgarr, an area long known for its delicious strawberries among other delectables. They recently opened a little shop at the fron of their fields making it easier for customers to access to their super quality and delicious produce. These Maltese farmers hold the organic-vision close to their hearts as they believe in working with nature, with the seasons and protecting both human health and the health of the environment. Apart from buying fresh fruit and veg from Vincent’s you can also buy homemade delicacies such as sun dried tomatoes, sauces, pickles and more, all made from their own organic produce.

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2. The Veg Box

The Veg BoxThe Veg Box was one of the first pioneers in the field of chemical-free growing in Malta. This super cute shop is found in the historic buildings of Villa Bologna, Attard, and also makes use of some of the fields on the property. Aside from growing their own produce without the use of any agro-chemicals at all they also collaborate with other local organic farmers to bring more variety of locally produced fruit and veg to their customers.

The two women behind this initiative have an incredible passion for the craft of natural farming techniques. They even hold workshops for kids to pass on their values and inspirations to the next generation. Aside from fresh and natural fruit and veg at the Veg Box you can also find other healthy products such as oils and homemade breads and also occasionally beautifully potted plants and art. One this is for sure at the Veg Box, you will always be served with a smile.

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3. Barbuto

Barbuto OrganicBarbuto is not technically local as their produce is grown in Sicily however they organise weekly deliveries to Malta. The farmers at Barbuto are also incredibly passionate about their trade and even send friendly weekly messages to their clients informing them of the journey their fresh produce will be making. They make their own dairy products (milk, yoghurt and different types of cheeses), which are otherwise hard to find in Malta. They also sell other organic produce that they import themselves (such as apples, bananas, mangos). So they are a great source of exotic foods that aren’t grown locally available to their customers.

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4. Sanya

_c0a9274We don’t want to toot our own horn but there is really no other catering establishment serving as much organic food as we do. Our food is about 90% organic and the menu clearly labels which items and ingredients are organic and which aren’t. This means you get to make an informed decision. When we were designing our menu we decided that being as organic as possible is something that we really believe in. We didn’t want to compromise on the quality of our food at all. So the only non-organic ingredients allowed in our kitchen are ones that don’t tend to be sprayed with large amounts of chemicals.  So we can bring you the cleanest food possible at the highest quality.

The organic movement is picking up slowly but surely. A few years ago we didn’t have as many natural farms as we do now. However in terms of organic catering there is still a long way to go. But we believe it will definitely pick up eventually. And until then we are honoured to be pioneering in this field. Let’s hope more businesses follow suit.




5. Theobroma


_c0a9356Theobroma: A Raw Cacao Collective is Malta’s top healthy dessert place. They specialise in totally plant-based and mostly raw treats using the highest quality superfoods. While they are not 100% organic their staple ingredients that are basically found in every single item are always organic. These include raw cacao, coconut oil, cacao butter and coconut sugar. Their treats are the healthiest available on the island. And the best part is you would never know it because they are impressively delicious. Tucked in the quaint Old Theatre Street, Valletta their little outlet is definitely worth visiting. You can also find their treats available at Sanya and at the Grassy Hopper, plus they deliver!! Delicious, superfood, organic chocolates delivered straight to our door; what more could we possibly ask for?

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