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We are the most stressed and anxious generation in history. The difference in how our lives look when we are overwhelmed by stress vs when we are in control is hugely different. And if we can’t change the things happening in our lives, then at least we can improve the way we feel about and handle them. All of the items on this lists are low cost and easy to implement.

Consistent sleep routines

It is much harder to treat anxiety and depression when we have unpredictable morning routines. That is because the systems that  mediate negative emotion are tightly tied to our properly cyclical circadian rhythms. 

When we throw our system off with erratic eating and sleeping times, inner chaos ensues. 

“You can just imagine small children, who are delightful and comical and playful when their sleeping and eating schedules are stable, and horrible and whiny and nasty when they are not”

Essential oils

Studies have shown that essential oils reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The amazing powers of essential oils can not really be overstated. They are so versatile and easy to use and can be carried with you at all times so easily.  Inhaling essential oils is especially powerful as the molecules flow almost immediately into the limbic system of the brain. This is our oldest area of the brain known as the “emotional brain”. It controls heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels, breath, memory and hormone balance. 

Oils like lavender, chamomile, clary sage, frankincense and so many others can have an instantly calming effect. 


Those who practice yoga will know just how powerful our breath really is. Controlling the breath and breathing deeper and slower has an amazing calming effect due to its stimulation of our parasympathetic nervous system. Although some people find it hard to breath deeper when experiencing an anxiety or panic attack….practicing breathing exercising in-between is a great way to avoid the attacks from happening. It strengthens our relaxation muscle and gives a positive feedback loop to the brain. In today’s overstimulated world, using techniques to stop fight or flight and kickstart our rest and relaxation response are crucial. 

Reduce your sugar intake 

Sugar is connected to anxiety! Yes! Of course sugar plays havoc with your blood glucose level causing it to spike and drop. This leads to mood swings and general irritability. But sugar also really inhibits our body’s ability to respond to stress. Which is ironic really because stress causes us to want to eat sugar. But we surrender at our own peril as in the long term it simply makes things worse. 

There are many more reasons why sugar is harmful and many more things you can do to combat anxiety naturally…this is not meant to be an exhaustive or detailed look at the issues, but more of a light-hearted reminder that there are tools out there.

The best way to make progress in all of the above is to find like-minded people and a good environment that will inspire you and support you to make the right choices.


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