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I first got into the idea of optimum nutrition when I went on a drastic sugar detox to heal an adrenal imbalance.  I knew that sugar and stimulants were bad for the adrenal glands, especially when they’re already feeling taxed. So for 1 month I cut out all processed forms of sugar as well as natural sugars from fruit and grains. At first I felt absolutely terrible, I crashed and the sugar cravings were immense. But I powered through and after 2 weeks I felt amazing.

I actually didn’t realise how good the body was capable of feeling. I had so much energy. Never did I feel lethargic (even in the summer heat) and even felt happier and my more calm. This changed my perspective on health forever. Through this experience I came to know that it is our birth right to be happy and healthy.  So although it’s tempting to eat delicious foods that aren’t good for us, once you get a taste of this unbelievable state of health no chocolate cake or ice cream seems worth compromising it. It’s only once we’ve felt what it feels like to be super healthy and alive that we get the will power to eat what best suits our body types without being tempted to “cheat”.


Once we fully embody the idea that food is medicine we will only feel drawn to eat foods that we know are supportive and the cravings for unhealthy foods will lessen naturally and effortlessly. So in the framework of food as medicine we also have the awesome tool that is superfoods. They are nutrient dense powerhouses that offer us an extra dose of support where is needed. They are neutral enough that basically all superfoods are good for us and certainly won’t do us harm. It’s also good to note that we need to consume the most appropriate one for our own constitution and health situation to get the best benefit from it. Each superfood offers us different things. Learning about them will help us tailor the best blend of superfoods that support our individual journeys to optimum health.

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