Say bye to stress overwhelm and 
joy for life
A 14 day program to heal your fatigue, beat stress and restore your creativity 
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Our 14 Day Stress Reset Experience™ is designed specifically for YOU. You can start any time, and we adjust according to your schedule.  
  • Address the common stress symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, not being able to concentrate, migraines etc 
  •  We'll help you understand what emotions are most overwhelming and how we can stop them blocking you 
  • Our personal wellness mentors will give you tools to relax and restore your body so that you will have more time and energy to do the things you need to do. 
  •  Learn our 3 step method for resetting your stress regulation system and building resilience to stress
  •  Experience the power of a like-minded community who will see potential in you that you can't yet see in yourself, and give you a map to get there
Hi I am Yasmin de Giorgio, founder of Sanya. I am a serial entrepreneur who launched 3 brands within 5 years...meaning I understands stress from the inside out

After struggling with burn-out and stress myself and literally getting to the point where I wanted to quit my businesses (which mean the world to me) I used my training in yoga and meditation to create the Emotional Mastery Method™ which is our signature system that is the core of the Stress Reset Experience™.  What is it you might be thinking? Well its a method for resetting your inner stress regulation valve. I truly believe fighting our external stressors is a losing battle. We cannot control or stop stressful things happening, but we can control how we feel about them and how we manage them.

I understand that with our modern busy life styles we simply can't afford our solutions to stress to take so much time and effort that they become just another stress. Which is why I created the Stress Reset Experience™ to help other people find their way out of stress more efficiently then I did when I first had to figure it out for myself. 
Before we go any further, I want you to know that we can't help everyone....this is for you if
  • You believe in the power of the inner world
  • Are ready to take responsibility for your own well-being 
  • You understand that even though you are super busy...investing a small amount of time over 14 days can change the next 10 years of your life. 
If this sounds like just what you need, or are not sure if it is right for you...
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