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Retreats are a chance to step out of our hectic lives and take the time to listen to the body and the soul. Through yoga and meditation and a number of workshops you get not only the tools, but also the experience that will help you ground these practices into your everyday life and maximise your purpose and joy.

GOWITHIN Retreat @ The Bahrija Oasis

May 14th – 17th


3 and a half days to accelerate your personal growth including your relationships, your mindset, your health and life.

Stepping out of your daily routine is the most effective way to cut the rhythm of stress and take the time to reflect on whats really important for your life. We will be sharing tried and tested techniques that you can use to access higher potentials and more effective ways to manage life. Especially how to develop emotional maturity, how to calm the mind, how to communicate effectively and how to eat and live in more harmony with nature.

This retreat will also be held in the most stunning location, the Bahrija Oasis. The Oasis is a permaculture farm nestled between the Bahrija Cliffs and the valley leading down to Fomm ir-Rih. The cliffs and blue sea view on one side and the luscious greenery of the farmland to the other. The land is away from the hustle and bustle of city life making it impossible not to feel the healing power of nature. The farm is a permaculture project built in harmony with the natural environment, with many native trees, shrubs and endemic fauna. It is fully solar powered, and runs with composting toilets.

As always on our retreats we take the best of our tools including yoga, meditation, tea ceremonies, yoga nidra, breathwork, amazing vegetarian food, and therapies to curate a truly powerful INNER DIVE.

We really believe that the next step towards a better life will not come through that next car, or promotion or perfect partner but through CONNECTION….to Self, Others, Nature and Spirit.

Retreat host: Yasmin de Giorgio

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