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Three days to go within

The Sanya retreat was a bubble of safety, connection and support. Three days of replenishing myself with self-care, love, growth and transformation. Whether you are feeling down, stuck, not good enough or unsupported, this is THE place to empty your mind with all these negative thoughts and fill it with positive beliefs instead.

What brought me to this Retreat?

The few weeks if not months before the retreat, I kept having miserable thoughts about myself and life in general. I tried to read up on self-growth and ‘how to improve your personal development’ articles. I even tried to see some professional therapists. Whatever I was feeling down about, it just did not want to leave me. One day, a friend recommended for me to go on this retreat organised by Sanya and I felt like it was the right thing to do.

I had never been on a retreat before and I did feel slightly anxious about what was going to crop up in those 3 days. At the same time, I felt super excited that I finally got the chance to pack my backpack and leave my everyday routine behind for a short while. Even though I wasn’t actually going on a plane and leaving this tiny, busy island, I still felt like I was going far away.

Stunning location

The location was beautiful. From the constant pollution and urban noises I am surrounded by, I found myself in a place of blissful peace. We were located on a high cliff where you can see a whole big blue ocean in front of you. Feeling the sun’s eternal rays on your skin during the day and being mesmerised by the twinkling and dazzling stars during the night. Plus, we were sleeping on an amazing, well designed permaculture farm, which is built in harmony with the natural environment, is fully solar powered and operates with compostable toilets.

Just by being there, I already felt healed by this subtle energy. I could feel a life-giving force flowing through my body and manifesting itself through my breath.

You are well taken care of

The 3 days at the Oasis were so well curated by our facilitators…I felt very taken care of. We found delicious and nourishing food prepared for us three times a day. Meal times were a chance to connect with the other retreaters and share our challenges and sometimes tell a joke or two, which always brought happy laughter into the room. The group dynamic was really special and I feel I’ve made new friends for life.

I left feeling connected to myself on a much deeper level then I had ever experienced…The days were filled with various activities and workshops such as Sunrise Yoga; Tea Ceremonies; Creativity Workshops; Yoga Nidra; Nature Walks and Swims; Breathing Workshops; and Meditation.

All of these activities together brought up a lot of old emotions within me. Bringing them up to the surface helped me realise that I had to let go of what no longer serves me. It is easier said than done. Especially when we have had beliefs ingrained in us since our childhood and they become who we are right now.

Being surrounded by like-minded people made it feel safe to be vulnerable in front of others and share my weaknesses. It opened up a safe space to be able to support and help each other.

I was able to dig deeper and realise what the source of my worries and disturbances truly was. When that came out, I feel freer and happier. Our challenges will not go away overnight but  being aware of what we are feeling, can make it easier for us to deal with.

Highly Recommended

From my personal experience, I highly recommend Sanya’s Retreats to anyone who feels like something is troubling them but cannot put their finger on what it is. I can reassure you that you will come out feeling lighter, happier and more connected to this life we are all gifted with; not to mention that you will also make amazing new friends along the way.