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Lomi Lomi Nui massage is an ancient form of massage derived from the islands of Hawaii.

“Lomi” is a Hawaiian name which means “massage”. In literal translation it means pressing but also stroking like the touching of a soft paw of a content cat. Repeating the word “lomi”, gives it a double power and shows how special it is. Lomi-lomi gives you the special feeling of bliss and satisfaction. The massage is performed on the whole physical body as well as on the energetic “bodies” which surround the physical one. The massage is like a dance around the patient with great harmony and grace, which looks really beautiful. Its techniques different from western massage through the application of forearm movements and stretch techniques.

The massage goes as deep as the recipient can tolerate, so it can be very powerful. Hawaiians believe that negative energy can cause blockages in your “mana” (life force or spiritual power). These blockages can become trapped also in joints, so various stretches and rotations are performed during the massage to “release” these negative energies. The massage is fluid, rhythmical, communicative and nurturing which evokes trust with the patient.

How Lomi Lomi Nui Massage can help you

You will sink into a deep relaxation, obtain a peaceful mind and gain self-confidence. It will increase your blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help rid the body of toxins. There is a main focus on stretching and relaxing tight, tense muscles and also reducing nervous tension. The elasticity of tendons will be improved by stretches and rotations, which also increases mobility. Muscles, bones and tissue are realigned ensuring a complete therapeutic treatment.

About the therapist

I am a qualified physiotherapist and have worked in many medical environments. In addition, I am also qualified as a Yoga and Pilates instructor.

I am trained as a massage therapist and after experiencing many techniques I settled on Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. I See every person and their body as sacred, and whilst performing the massage I feel the subtle flow of energy between myself and my client. Providing Lomi Lomi massage is a ceremony of sort during which I am completely present to the needs of my clients.

I am committed to not only to my professional but also personal development. Experiencing the benefits of gradually opening my own heart and expanding my connectedness with Mother Earth and the rest of humanity. I have found useful tools to continually grow and attend different gatherings, circles and retreats. Many of my skills were gained while living and training in various places such as Italy, India, Peru and Australia.

Learning about and experiencing Lomi Lomi at Sanya

Dorota will be hosting a free two hour workshop on the 12th of May at 11am. She will be going more in depth and will guide you through this wonderful practice. It is a free entry workshop and everyone is welcome.

For more information or if you would like to book a space for this workshop, contact us via email, phone or facebook. Or click here to book online.

Dorota also offers Lomi Lomi (by booking only) at Sanya, which also includes free use of all our spa facilities.