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Having to heal stress is not sexy right?

There are so many more fun things we can spend our money on. Holidays, gifts, fancy meals, those gadgets which are totally cool but unnecessary.



It might sound strange but let me tell you that healing stress is actually kinda cool!

Because saying “Yes” to the call to adventure that is healing stress is something that most of the population never bother doing.

Because staying in the stress ‘comfort zone’…is so damn uncomfortable.

Because healing stress actually leads you down a path of rebirth.

Rebirth? Yes a rebirth of the spirit.

The stressed out self, who feels totally overwhelmed and under appreciated has to die. The self that is emotionally exhausted from juggling a million things and putting everyone else’s needs first…has to die. And even the self that just wants to sit on the couch and binge Netflix…I’m sorry, but she/he also has to die.

Buuuuut….the good news is the new self that will be birthed will be a lot more fun.

The new self will have cleared a lot of the hidden, undercover BS beliefs we carry around that keep us stressed.

The new self will have made peace with some of its’ burdens and see them as a beautiful opportunity to share their light and love with others.

This new self will feel liberated from all of the emotionally draining loops they were stuck in.

And this new self…will use all of this new energy to pursue those ideas and aspirations that have been on the back burner for years.

Sounds great? Well there is a catch. Sorry, but there is always a catch 😉

The catch is you have to DO something different to transition from the old stressed out self to the new reborn stress free version.

The transition can happen, and it is much easier than we often think…but as always to discover new shores we need to step forward into new territory.

On the surface spending your money on travel and nights out may seem more fun, but investing in your healing is the thing that will set you up to experience more joy.

And joy trumps fun any day.