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gozoFrom the 5th to the 8th of October we will be hosting a small retreat in Gozo. The retreat is a chance to step out of our hectic lives and take the time to listen to the body and the soul. Here are some of the key things you can expect from the retreat.


A retreat is designed to give you time and stimulus for good reflection. It is amazing the shifts in perception and clarity of thought we can get just by taking the time. Transformation doesn’t always need to be intense and dramatic (although that can be good too), often we just need to create the space for our own inner voice to come through. Many times we know the answers to our own questions, but we’re scared to listen because of the disruption to our normal lives these answers can bring. Which brings us to…

2. Community

Being around people who support our desire to be the best version of ourselves is extremely empowering. Often without meaning to, the people we are closest to can hold us back from making the changes we want or need to make. Stepping out of our usual environment can be the best way to really think about where we want to go. As human beings cultivating authentic connections to other beings is a pillar of fulfillment. And especially so with people who share your values and are walking along a similar path.

3. Practice

Yoga at Sanya MaltaThroughout the retreat we will be doing 6 yoga classes, 4 workshops and 3 special spiritual activities. This immersion into the practice of yoga will give your own individual practice a boost, and if you are a beginner really help you get started. Yoga is much more than the physical postures (asana) that we usually refer to as yoga. In this retreat we will be sharing different practices that will help you get a much more thorough and deep understanding of the practice. These practices will help you deal with life’s challenges and realize the potential of your life.

4. Inspiration

Good ideas for living a fulfilled and nourished life are simply never extra. There is always something new to learn. During the retreat, inspiration will come through the different workshops but also through each and every person that attends. We are all unique beings with nuggets of wisdom to share and one of the most beautiful aspects of a retreat is the spontaneous course it often takes through the contributions of the group.

5. Great Food

vegetarian foodFood is always a an important part of a retreat. It is a time of celebration and community, and of jokes and smiles. We take our food very seriously so a lot of love will be going into a fully plant based menu. We will also be sharing our knowledge on how to eat plant based, from nutritional knowledge to good recipes and kitchen tips and tricks. And of course a few Theobroma chocolates will not be missed.


We are also really happy to be hosting the retreat in Gozo. The energy of the island is really pure and calm and naturally facilitates healing. We will be visiting a couple of special sacred sites that will help uplift our experience and bring us a deeper connection to our own selves.