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If you are reading this article, the reason for this might be found in the words of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of the book Women who run with the Wolves: Myths and stories of the wild woman archetype, who says:

»These words, wild and woman, cause women to remember who they are and what they are about. They create a metaphor to describe the force which funds all females. They personify a force that women cannot live without.“

Our daily life with all the obligations, endless to-do lists and roles we are playing doesn’t leave much space for our wild woman to be expressed. Besides, in today’s society the word wild has gotten a negative connotation. Even though the original meaning of wild is to ‘live a natural life, where one has innate integrity and healthy boundaries’.

Even the menstrual cycle is seen as an unnecessary process. One which makes women nothing but moody, weak and unreliable. Women should be respected for their innate connection with the natural world. Because of their monthly cycle, pregnancy and childbirth, women were seen as those who held the power of the life-death cycle.

We need to make a personal effort to maintain our wild nature. The wild feminine or the wild woman is the part of us that is intuitive, raw, natural. It is the part of us that knows, that we are whole and resourceful. She is talking to us through the whispers of our intuition, the silent screams of our aching bodies and yearnings for a more soulful life. She is calling us to pay attention to her and let her be expressed and free, because without her, the well of our essential life force runs dry and we become unbalanced, depressed or sick.

So, why not use your practice to awaken and access the wild feminine and gain awareness of your inner processes? To connect to different manifestations of your feminine essence and start listening to your body based intuition.

A yoga practice that includes awareness of your womb, yoni, ovaries. Which encourages you to tap into your sensuality and sexuality as a source of creativity and transformation. A path that leads you to practicing unconditional self-love by accepting all aspects of your femininity and also releasing any shame related to your womanhood and celebrate your uniqueness. An approach to yoga that allows you to embrace the monthly changes on your physical, emotional, mental and energetical level and balances both your inner masculine and feminine energy.

Wild feminine is influenced by the moon and the lunar cycle is directly reflected in the menstrual cycle.

Lunar Cycles
  • New Moon (menstruation) is a time to slow down, rest and set intentions. We can honour this with a slow meditative flow and restorative poses.
  • Waxing moon is the time for action, the time when we can reap benefits from stepping into our masculine energy. A dynamic, playful and more challenging yoga flow will help us align with this energy.
  • Full moon is the time of celebration and harvest and corresponds to the ovulation phase. The energy is high and we can benefit from embodying the nurturing mother quality. We move through a core-activating and heart opening flow, followed by a dance meditation.
  • Waning moon is the most challenging phase (think PMS ;). So the practice is aimed to ground and release.

Ready to explore the wild feminine and find your authentic expression in a safe circle of woman? Join us on Fridays for Wild Woman Yoga.