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Christmas is round the corner, and as always, we would love to share some of our favourite eco-friendly gift ideas and wellness experiences, that can be found from our centre in Naxxar.

These gifts are perfect if you are looking to gift something with a difference this year. We have a range of locally made skin-care products, jewellery and music as well as high quality therapeutic essential oils, a special healing oil from Bali, natural flower perfume oils from Bali, and a wide variety of wellness experiences to choose from… including our very exciting latest edition.. our floating tank!

We also have some fantastic Christmas Spa packages at the moment that can be booked as a treat to yourself, or as a gift voucher. You can view these here.


Sanya Wellness Experience
Sanya gift cards can be used on any of our services. Choose from a wide range of massage and beauty treatments, a month’s VIP spa membership, yoga classes or even our Gowithin Retreat. We also have some great Christmas Spa packages at the moment. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can opt for an open voucher and let them decide.

Purchase gift vouchers at Sanya in Naxxar, or online here.



Float Session
The latest addition to Sanya, our flotation tank is a dark, soundproof tank that is filled with salt water, at body temperature, providing buoyancy so you float without feeling your body. As you float weightless, the brain enters into a deeply relaxed state. There are several psychological and medical benefits of floating tanks especially for anxiety, stress, chronic pain and sports recovery.

Purchase gift voucher for float session online here.


doTERRA Essential Oils
Pure, high quality, therapeutic essential oils and products. Tailor your essential oils to your specific wants and needs, like sleep & stress support, immune support, digestive support and pain support.

Amber Riya CD
Yoga & Meditation music by local artist Amber Riya. Sacred music, ancestral songs and music to accompany people’s yoga, meditation & spiritual practices.


Ellie & Carl Botanicals
Packed with botanicals, vitamins and organic cold-pressed oils, Ellie & Carl facial and body products are locally made and have a range of serums and oils for both Men and Women.

Balinese Bokashi Oil
Made by fermenting more than 200 kinds of herbs and coconut oil, Bokashi has a range of healing properties. It can be used topically for itchiness, toothaches, burns & minor aches and can also be ingested to relieve bloating.



Sam Selby Jewellery
Beautiful locally handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is created with natural crystals, created to compliment and support the wearer though the crystals metaphysical energies.

Sanya Healing Oils
These healing oils are blended inhouse using none other than doTERRA essential oils. The base of all our oils is a blend of Argan oil and Vitamin E oil. We have three blends of oils for anti-ageing, promoting hair growth, hand nourishing.



Come by any time, and we will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect gift for you loved ones. You can even contact us on 21436936 or