Book Treatments

This is the time of year where we ‘close the books’ on 2018. Companies analyse all that has been over the calendar year; what was spent, and what was bought, the impact different projects made to the overall company goal. The initiatives that brought a positive balance to the books and those that didn’t.

We are also entities comparable to companies. You are ‘I Ltd’ in a sense. So taking an account of what has been over the year is extremely productive for moving forward.

These next few days are a time for deep reflection, for owning it all; the good, the bad, what worked and what didn’t. The reason we do this is simple. It forces us to revisit what’s working, what’s not and why. This information gives us an honest look at the health of our business and/or lives. It reveals things we’ve wanted to avoid seeing and dealing with, and highlights the bright lights that we too often ignore in the name of fixing what’s wrong. Then, it makes us reckon with one and revel in the other.

It is easy to ignore, and comfortable to avoid, responsibility for what has been. The missteps, the great moves….It is easier to stay on the surface and not think too deeply about it all.

But going within to question and bring awareness to it all, really allows us to clear the way forward. We can consciously let go on what didn’t serve us, take the lessons and move forward with more wisdom. We free up the bandwidth and resources needed to do the work to continue to grow and evolve and create and express in the year to come.

Then, when we’ve learned what we can learn, fixed what we can fix, explained what we need to explain, we close the books. We let it all go and turn our energy to the next 12-month window, opening a new book and penning the first entry.

So here are some things you can do to support this process;


Spend some time in nature, write in your journal….reflect on what has created a positive balance in your life and what hasn’t been so beneficial (especially for your well-being).


Take note of the lessons learnt, try to see how even the bad things have brought some kind of wisdom or understanding to your life. “Storms make trees grow deeper roots” and all the challenges we face help to make us who we are, especially when we take their hardest lessons. 

Let Go;

Allow yourself some compassion for anything that went wrong, and forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made. Celebrate your victories, be proud of your resilience and then let both go to create space for the new.


Bring a wholehearted acceptance into all that has been and allow yourself to feel the wholeness that comes from being at peace with all that has been experienced.

Look Ahead;

Spend some time connecting with your vision for 2019; what experiences or material needs do you want to bring into your life? How do you want to grow as a person? And most importantly how do you want to contribute to your community?

Towards a mindful 2019

At Sanya we believe in the power of our inner worlds. We believe that is by going within that we can truly heal our bodies, attain peace of mind, learn to love more deeply and live more mindfully.

We wish you a beautiful end to the year and looking forward to sharing our new projects to come in 2019 to help support your journey towards greater well-being.

Join us 28th-30th December for 3 days at the Bahrija Oasis Permaculture farm where we will support you in the process of closing off 2018, and starting 2019 more deeply connected to your self and the things that are meaningful for you. 

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