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The journey towards optimal health is often complex and can be overwhelming. Our clinic will offer you all the tools and support structures to help you along the  journey.

Patients can enjoy complimentary use of the pool on the day of their appointment.



Our List of Treatments

The Stress Reset Experience

The stress reset experience is a 14 day program that includes 2 wellness mentoring sessions, yoga & meditation classes for two weeks, 2 healing treatments tailored to your specific needs, full access to our pool & spa and healthy juices and meals for 8 days. The program will be designed specifically for you. We will get to know you and the challenges you are facing at the first wellness mentoring session, and everything to follow will be specially curated for your needs. This program is designed to help you gain control over what is stressing you, regain your energy and clear the side effects of stress such as insomnia, anxiety and digestive issues.

€590 - 14 days
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Wellness Mentoring

Wellness mentoring is your support to go from feeling stressed, anxious and not in having a clear vision of how you can feel well and happy. The focus is on understanding the emotions underlying our main stressors and how we can liberate ourselves from feeling overwhelmed, anxious and down. We will create a clear and simple pathway for you to create change in your life, by first going within and understanding yourself and how you got to where you are today. We all need support and guidance in order to make quicker progress. The aim is to feel inspired and connected to the beautiful and meaningful things in your life.

€50 - 60min
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Gestalt Therapy Session

The main ‘goal’ of Gestalt psychotherapy is to bring a person into closer contact with themselves and their environment through a more holistic and humanistic approach. Each session is tailored around the immediate needs of the client. Through constant support and dialogue together we explore your potential and foster responsibility and ownership of your experiences. I use creative and experiential techniques to develop awareness and understanding of your individual processes and provide you with the tools to support yourself.

€50 - 60min
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Amber Knights - Gestalt Psychotherapist

After 4 intensive years of training I am finally coming to the end of studying for a Master’s Degree
(MA) in Gestalt Psychotherapy. For the last year and a half I have put my
passion for Gestalt into
practice and worked as a psychotherapist for numerous NGO’s and Government organisations,
namely Caritas and Victim Support Malta (VSM) as well setting up my own private practice.
Working with the different entities has allowed me to gain priceless experience with individuals
from all walks of life who share their difficult experiences on many levels. I have been particularly
drawn to working with drug addiction and trauma, in particular, domestic violence and sexual
Voluntary work has also played a huge role in my life. My most recent experience was developing
an art expression group for individuals suffering from eating disorders and addiction. I provided
them with a unique platform for self expression through the medium of art.
Work aside, I am a Mother of 3 children who I adore, and love spending family time with them and
my husband. I am passionate about many things, in particular travelling. I also have a huge
fondness for animals (I am a trained veterinary nurse), sailing, photography, fitness and art when
there is the time. I put my heart and soul into everything I do.
Prior to my career in Psychotherapy I made use of my undergraduate degree in Animal Behaviour
with Psychology (Bsc Hons) and worked as an intern with the Human-Dolphin institute in the USA.
I was part of an animal assisted therapy program where we took people with disabilities and
terminal illnesses swimming with wild dolphins as a form of therapy. I am forever humbled by those
I feel honoured to be part of the Sanya team and look forward to my continued growth as a
psychotherapist and in supporting others in their lives.
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Catherine can help you get out of the merry go round of life, that can leave you feeling
stressed out, unfulfilled, lost, drained and out of balance, with coaching, Neuro Linguistic
Programming (NLP), Emotional
Freedom Technique (EFT) and mindfulness. She can
support you with practical tools and resources that help you become empowered to create
a vision, set goals, become more self aware, clear limiting beliefs and take action to
change your life to a calm, peaceful, happy, successful and fulfilled one!
If you are going through any of these situations, then Catherine can help and support you!
Are you feeling stuck, or feeling that your life is running ahead without you? Do you feel
you need to slow down but don’t know how to?
Are you frustrated by a specific area or situation in your life, tired or lost, lack mo-jo, need
more mental clarity so you can take the right action?
Are you feeling stressed out, burnt out, feeling out of balance and cannot focus or
concentrate most of the times?
Do you over worry, feel anxious most of the times?
Are you aware of limiting self beliefs, fears, negative thoughts, patterns, emotions and
behaviours that are keeping you stuck
Do you feel that you do not have enough time for yourself?
Do you suffer from low self confidence and self esteem or believe that you are ‘not good
Do you struggle to manage your weight?
Catherine is an Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness Trainer who believes in you and
that you have the power within you to change your life or that area that you are not happy
with! She is a Coach that will be present for you, empathetic, positive, motivating and
inspiring, and who also challenges you so that you can become more self aware, more confident, have a more meaningful and fulfilled life. You will feel safe and secure to share
your fears, beliefs and what is holding you back!
Catherine can help you focus on creating a life, vision and goals based on your values,
your talents and gifts. She can also help you to clear conscious and subconscious blocks
(fears / negative beliefs / thought patters) using different techniques including NLP and
EFT, so that you can really live a calm, happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.
Catherine has worked with adults, youth and children. She has also delivered soft skills /
personal development training workshops locally and internationally.
Her ultimate vision is that together we can create a mindful world with mindful schools,
mindful leaders, mindful workplaces, and mindful families.
Catherine would not be where she is today, and sharing new possibilities with you if she
had not gone through her own journey of self discovery, possibilities, transformation of
beliefs and patterns! She suffered from an eating disorder that controller her life; only
when she transformed her inner world, she truly started enjoying life and created new
possibilities in her life!
As an explorer of life, Catherine hopes that she continues to learn and expand her own
knowledge and continue to share with you all through coaching, training, speaking and
writing! Catherine lives with her partner in Mellieha, has an adorable young daughter and
in her free time, Catherine enjoys connecting and walking in nature, swimming, praticing
yoga, reading, dancing, meeting people and exploring the world through travelling! Catherine is an:
Accredited ICF coach
Master NLP Practitioner
Accredited EFT Practitioner
Accredited Mindfulness Practitioner
Trainer of Mindfulness in Education and Adults
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Carlotta Bernardo

Carlotta Bernardo is a cheerful and positive person who believes in people’s inner power and helps them to see their life from another point of view. Since she was a child, she has devotedherself to meditation and yoga techniques, and attended different seminars around the world on self-improvement, managing emotions, as well as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Carlotta Bernardo graduated with a BSc in Child Psychology at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino (Italy). Fascinated by learning additional techniques to help others, Carlotta moved to London (United Kingdom) and obtained a Counselling Certificate and a MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies at the Queen Mary University. She realised that the key to easily overcome life challenges is to focus on people’s inner potential by accessing the power of their unconscious mind.  For this reason she became a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and begun to help a number of clients with hypnotherapyand achieved excellent results. Her hypnosis sessions lead people to reach excellent performances in their lives, just after few sessions. ... Read More Close

Denis Simani

Denis Simani is a Naturopathic Practitioner, specialising in Cranioasacral therapy. ... Read More Close


I first discovered yoga and meditation whilst travelling in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Since then I started redirecting my lifestyle to become more in alignment with the yoga values which I instantlyconnected to. My practice started to deepen when I met my teacher and his yoga and meditation centre in Bali. In my first visit I did my teacher training and completed a two week sadhana (intensive practice). Since then I have committed to my practice and visit Bali every year to retreat and go deeper into my practice. I teach a traditional hatha style of yoga with a very big focus on yoga as a tool to enter the state of meditation. Yoga posture is the tool, meditation is the path. ... Read More Close

What is Gestalt Psychotharapy?

“The therapist teaches the patient how to learn about himself” Fritz Perls

The main ‘goal’ of Gestalt psychotherapy is to bring a person into closer contact with themselves and their environment through a more holistic and humanistic approach. Each session is tailored around the immediate needs of the client. Through constant support and dialogue together we explore your potential and foster responsibility and ownership of your experiences. I use creative and experiential techniques to develop awareness and understanding of your individual processes and provide you with the tools to support yourself.

What is Holistic Hypnotherapy?

 Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to make positive changes in your life. Carlotta uses a mix of different techniques such as visualizations, breathing techniques, guided relaxations, NLP and other specific hypnosis techniques  to help people overcome several issues, especially emotional ones. The results are easily and quickly achieved, compared to other common therapies, by actively collaborating with the client.
Hypnosis is different from other common therapies because it accesses your deepest self, also known as your “unconscious mind”, and uses people’s inner power and potential to overcome their current situation.
The first session lasts for about 90 minutes: you can ask Carlotta all the questions and information you need to know, she will explain in detail how hypnosis works, and you will set your goals. During the first session Carlotta will also guide you to experience some techniques, so you will be ready for the next session where you will “really” start working actively on yourself and toward a happier life!
The other sessions will last approximately 50-90 mins (depending on the techniques used).
Sessions are available in both Italian and English.