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Have you been feeling panicky, stressed or anxious lately? Did you know that we all have something so simple that we can access any time, anywhere yet which we forget about and mostly do not use properly?

Yes it is our breath

Everyday we live our lives in a way that prevents us from using our breath properly.  We sit hunched over our computers all day, we wear tight clothing, we overuse technology and we even hold our bellies in to keep up with society’s mad ideals. These are all examples of things that really inhibit our ability to breathe properly. 

When we breathe properly, our bodies go through a full oxygen exchange, which has shown to help with pain, depression and stress. Breathing after a stressful incident can actually tell our brain that everything is OK, even if we feel that they aren’t. 

Information to the brain

Feeling stressed will make us breathe faster and this will send information to the brain that something is not quite right. The brain senses that fast breathing and takes it that must be running away from a lion. On the other hand, taking deep, slow breaths will send our brain a signal that we are at peace. 

Like the heart pacemaker, we also have this ‘breathing pacemaker’. A specialised group of neurons that spy on our breathing. If they sense a panicked breath, they will send this information to the brain, which is responsible for alertness, arousal and stress. In order to avoid this, we need to take slow deep breaths to tell our brain that everything is fine and that it doesn’t need to produce stress hormones. 

Finding the relaxation technique that is for you

The ‘fight’ stress response

If you tend to get angry a lot, nervous or constantly feel stressed, you will respond best to stress relief activities that calm you down such as guided meditation techniques, yoga nidra or pranayama

The ‘flight’ stress response

If you tend to withdraw yourself, feel depressed, or blank out under stress, you will respond best to stress relief activities that stimulate and energise your nervous system such as receiving a massage, practicing yoga, or a rhythmic exercise (for example, swimming or running).

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Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive