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At Sanya we believe that a person’s beauty is not measured by how fashionable their clothes, how sexy their body or how beautiful their hair and make-up.


We believe that beauty comes from the inside. From how kind, patient and loving we are. On how deeply we can listen and how truly we can accept others for who they are.


The important question to ask is, how can we cultivate these beautiful inner qualities? Because often we want to be patient…but we find ourselves losing our patience. We want to be kind…but we find ourselves snapping at those we love the most.


So how can we bridge that gap between who we want to be and who we are? Without hating where we are, without shame and self judgement?


For us, there are many tools…but…there is one that stands out.


And that is meditation.


Meditation is a discipline. It is a practice…you don’t become kind on day one. But through regular practice you start to change from the inside. The more time you spend relaxing into the essence of who you really are, the more you become that. Kindness, patience…these are in our nature.  


We need to work at it because over time through stress, disappointment and being let down by others we have mistakenly begun to think that it is safer to protect ourselves, put ourselves first and make sure that no one misuses our goodness ever again.


But true happiness and joy comes from opening our heart not closing it. Yes it’s harder, yes you run the risk of getting hurt…but the strength that comes from within can carry you across the ocean of any challenge. If you trust yourself and trust in your essence.


When we first start meditating it can take time before we experience the inner peace that then serves as our compass and motivator to practice.


Some people experience it after one 30 minute class, others need a full day, a full week or full month of practice.


We’ve designed a one day Meditation Retreat experience that has a very good chance of gifting you the experience of inner peace, connection to self and connection to nature.


It includes one of our favorite tools, the Japanese tea ceremony…as well as gentle yoga, guided meditation class, healthy lunch, intro to meditation philosophy, and yoga nidra.


We suggest you leave your mobiles and your work or family stress in the locker room and let our activities gentle carry you into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation.


From that relaxation you will experience joy…and joy is the ultimate source of our patience, kindness and love.


We believe that if even 10% of population started to meditate regularly…we would create a more harmonious and beautiful world.


Join us and be part of the #gowithin community.

Book now (1 Day Meditation Retreat) – Sunday 24th February 9am – 5.30pm


We also have a 4 week Meditation course starting 20th February every Wednesday at 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Book now (4 Week Meditation Course)