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Emotional Integration.

Maybe you’ve heard this word before, maybe not. But I am convinced that it is one of the most important things we need to learn if we are going to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Have you ever gone through a period in your life, maybe a few hours, or a day or even weeks or months….where you felt in a funk. Everything starts bothering you and irritating you, you feel like there is no point in the job you are doing and things that you previously enjoyed are just feeling flat. You find it harder to eat well and exercise and your mind is just a jungle of confusion.

This is emotional un-integration. This is the opposite of looking through life with rose-coloured glasses.

On the other hand…when we are happy, maybe even in love, everything looks beautiful. We feel great at work, even embracing the sucky parts. We feel confident and invincibile with a feeling that everything is going to fall our way.

That is being in the flow. That is emotional integration.

Most of the times we blame the things outside us; our jobs, our bosses, our relationships, our parents, the government, and sometimes we even make radical changes in an effort to feel better. BUT!

The true cause is always within our own selves. We can change jobs a million times and still not feel better, because how we feel about our lives is so often influenced majorly by how we feel about ourselves.

We get un-integrated because we resist emotions that are triggered naturally by life; helplessness, disappointment, shame, betrayal and so on.

All of these emotions and many more are uncomfortable so we push them away. Yet pushing them away means we are rejecting a part of ourselves, we are rejecting life itself even. Without a doubt that leads to the state of emotional un-integration. Sometimes its intense and horrendous but often times it is subtle meaning we don’t even realise that we are not as happy and inspired as we could be.

Learning how to spot un-integration before it gets chronic, and learning how to process our emotions so that we can release them and get back to that state of flow and happiness is possibly the most important thing that you can learn in this lifetime.

That state is the source of our deepest creativity, our deepest joy and inspiration. It is where our capacity to love is a hundred times deeper.

Over 2019 we are going to bring many new experiences, courses and programs at Sanya to help you learn to become an integrator…so that you can maintain your own state of connection and even help the people around you to become healthier and happier.

Like with everything, learning takes commitment so I humbly ask you to ask yourself…how much of my time would I be willing to sacrifice to learn this skill? How much of my money am I ready to invest? How much of my vulnerability am I willing to risk to become a master of my emotions?

We are here to support you, guide you and inspire you. But the decision to do the inner work that is truly required to live an integrated, soulful and wholehearted life is all yours.

If you can’t wait to get started and want to start 2019 in style join us for our next retreat  28th-30th December – New Year Retreat. We are going to be testing many of our new ideas and practices to help you master your emotions.

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