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Ready to take control of your own health and not keep looping in the same unhealthy cycles?


Not feeling good in your own body is one of the most frustrating things. Even though I am only 31, the last couple of years have been particularly stressful for me. I really started to feel the effects on my body.


The most stressful part of it was feeling my ‘old self’ slip away and constant fatigue becoming my new normal. It made me irritable, which meant snapping at those closest to me. Feeling out of control over my own body and mind was extremely frustrating. I often felt as though I just couldn’t keep up with managing my own wellness and my ever present to-do list at work.


I think a lot of us feel this way. Whether we are 25, 45 or 65, and whether it is stress or the natural challenges of ageing. Losing control over our health can cause us to spiral emotionally. It makes us feel as though we are not good enough, blaming ourselves for being too lazy to implement the changes needed to start feeling better.


But the truth is that we are facing mission impossible.


Managing your wellness and a career or family, is like having two full time jobs. And who has time for that? What I have realised over the past two years of Sanya and helping people heal their bodies and minds is that we all need SUPPORT. We need changes to be the path of least resistance. We need to make things as easy as possible for ourselves.


So I spent the last few weeks asking myself, what kind of program could we create? So that people who took it could literally not fail to feel better and attain their wellness goals?

Today the outcome of that question has been launched, and it is an 8 day Deep Cleanse and total Body Reset program.


Imagine waking up before your alarm full of energy. Imagine how good it would feel to shed a few extra kilos and feel more confident in yourself and your body. Cleansing the body can have incredible effects on our mood. Our stomachs are our second brain and science is starting to show that often anxiety and depression start in the gut. And that is why when we asked ourselves this question, how can we help people the most…the answer started in healing the body.


All you need to do is show up and commit to being present and receptive for the 8 days. You will leave not only feeling as though your body and mind have been reset, but also that you have the tools to make your wellness habits feel just as natural and un-invasive as brushing your teeth in the morning.


The cleanse will start with two days at Sanya (Sat & Sun) where we will teach you and empower you with all the knowledge you need to be the master of your own health while also supporting you to start to detox mentally and emotionally. Then on Monday through to Friday you will follow a special diet (all meals provided) called the fasting-mimicking diet. This is a program that will give you all the benefits of fasting while still being able to eat. The diet will help you rejuvenate the top 3 physiological markers that contribute to aging and the body’s wear and tear. Plus its also the best way to loose belly fat while protecting lean body mass (epic bonus).


This program is being led by our visiting Naturopath Maria Valdez who trained at the National Institute of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. We are looking for just 10 people who are really ready to take control of their own health and not keep looping in the same unhealthy cycles.


The efficient way to create change in life is not to try and figure out how to do something, but to figure out who can help you do it.


Ready to join us? Get all the info and sign up below.


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