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“The human immune system is struggling today to cope with an onslaught of viral infections. New viral strains are appearing all over the globe. Since Western medicine has very few successful anti-viral agents, most viral infections are private battles fought between the virus and the immune system.”

When our physical and mental systems are out of balance, and our immune system weak, it is much easier for viruses to take a stronghold on our body. Research has shown that our mind and body is connected. Mental stress and emotional repression can block the free flow of peptides and set the scene for disease. For this reason, strengthening the immune system is of critical importance. Nowadays our bodies have to deal with increased environmental toxins and heavier mental and emotional stress levels. These all tax, not only our immune systems, but also our endocrine and digestive systems.

“On the cellular level, viruses use the same receptors as neuropeptides to enter into a cell. Depending on how much of a peptide is present and how well your emotions are flowing, makes it easier or harder for a virus to get into a cell. For example, “when you’re happy, the rheovirus can’t enter the cell because norepinephrine, a neuropeptide, blocks all the potential virus receptors”. (Candace Pert, 1999. Molecules of Emotion)”

Cortisol is one of the by-products of stress triggers. It famously causes weight gain, but more importantly it depresses the immune system and increases heart and blood pressure.

How essential oils can help you

Instead of being trapped by a stressful cycle, we do have the power to stop the flow of cortisol. Essentials oils such as Frankincense and Rose can break the cycle by lifting the emotions, strengthening the immune system, and directly attacking the virus population. Certain other essential oils also have a direct action on eliminating viruses. Studies into the effects of oils such as ylang-ylang, lavender, cinnamon, clove, sage and others have also shown positive effects on resisting viruses and even other diseases.

One of the most beautiful things about essential oils is that they are so easy to use. So easy in fact that we often misunderstand just how powerful they are. In the beginning you might be overwhelmed with options of different oils and blends but really all you need is a few different oils

Learning about essential oils at Sanya

This September we have 2 incredible workshops being hosted by Rebeccah Steele, a holistic health care practitioner based in London.  She helps women and men with pain relief, regaining hormonal balance and optimising digestive balance. Guiding her clients to achieve the levels of vitality they seek on a daily basis.

* INTRO TALK: Optimal Vitality {Thurs 28th 7pm -1.5hrs}
What would this LOOK like and what would it FEEL like.
We will use the five senses to tap into the potential that each of us has within our body systems. From there create a clear and foundation structure of what Optimal Vitality can feel like for each of us on a daily basis

* WORKSHOP 1: Achieve Relief from Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pain. {Sat 30th 10am – 2hrs}

Our body systems and the mind and emotions get overloaded on a daily basis and present as dis – ease symptoms. Learn how to have an EASY awareness of the pathways of these symptoms and resolve the symptoms with EASE

* WORKSHOP 2: Hormonal Balance – Are you in a crisis? Understanding the Bigger Picture (Sat 30th 5pm -2hrs}

Learn how the most common abundant circulating natural hormone contributes to VIBRANT health. And how another equally valuable natural hormone when overstimulated contributes to DIS-EASE and what steps you can personally take to create BALANCE



For more information or if you would like to book a personal session with Rebeccah, contact us via email, phone or facebook. Or Click here to book online