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Our clinic is based on naturopathic medicine and functional testing

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When visiting a naturopath for the first time a new patient is advised to start with a naturopathic consultation. In this session the ND will take all your medical history, and get an understanding of your symptoms and create a holistic picture of where you are and the path forward for you.
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Dr. Ruben Bartolo has a paramedical background, as he has studied Occupational Therapy in the 1990. He has than specialised in Natural Medicine where he holds a wealth of clinical based knowledge, certified byvarious Diplomas for these last 15 years. He holds a Naturopathic Doctor Degree from IBAM. Dr Bartolo has worked as a freelance Naturopath in both Malta and in U.K. with busy clinics specialising in Natural Medicine. He is also a leading Lecturer in Natural Medicine in many European Countries. Dr Bartolo has been awarded by a Gold Medal award by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine for his continuous contribution into the Natural Health field. ... Read More Close