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Last month at Sanya we hosted 3 workshops on healing the body with essential oils. The lovely Rebeccah Steele visited us from the UK to share her expertise in the subject. One of the best things about these workshops was the fact that Rebeccah communicates through experience rather than information. Of course there is so much interesting information about what essential oils can help what, but most of that you can find from books or the internet. These workshops were about experiencing essential oils and learning to use your intuition to guide you in using them.

For those of you that missed the workshops here are our top takeaways.

1. It all starts with learning to feel. We cannot heal before we feel.

Being disconnected from our bodies and emotions has become a status quo. The other day a friend said to me, “I’m ok; it’s just my body that isn’t”. Well surprise, surprise… your body is you! We have to learn to listen to the messages our body is sending us, tapping in to its innate healing wisdom.  If we aren’t even feeling and understanding ourselves, how can we start to heal? Resisting and rejecting emotions is natural and happens everyday. But by even realizing that this is something we can change, we are taking the first step.

2. You can’t just take the red pill.

As powerful as essential oils are, all deep plus long term healing is accompanied with lifestyle changes. Changes which are often not easy, but with the right support are totally manageable. In fact the essential oils can even support your journey towards making these changes.

3. Nature is amazing.

It’s not breaking news, but our awe for the magnificence and intelligence of nature just got even deeper. The healing power of essential oils is so vast and varied and all powered by plants. Some people may doubt how applying an oil to your skin can really help, but really the skin is actually one of the most direct routes into the bloodstream. Often subtle changes can have a big impact. 


If you curious about these oils we have some testers at Sanya and a freshly inspired team ready to guide you into the wonderful world of essential oils. The season for low immune systems and catching flu is upon us, and essential oils can be the perfect way to protect yourself.